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1) The itinerary Day 1 : The great departure Depart for Toulouse at 1:30 p.m. at the Grand Macdo de Rodez by carpool. Trip with three very pleasant people. When

When I go on a trip, I think light, practical and compact. That’s why I take the bare minimum and use the sock technique. For me, the essential is: A

I often hear that air tickets are expensive. I cannot say that for myself because on average the cost of my plane ticket is around 100 €. To get a

If I have a piece of advice to give you, it is to be well informed on the compulsory administrative papers before taking your flight (if you take it at

We are often afraid to go abroad because of the barrier to  language, you don’t have to worry. With a smartphone (or a old-fashioned dictionary) we can make ourselves understood,

Here is Gubulle, my mascot during my stay in Norway in March 2020

Here is Berlin who accompanied me during my day at Topol’a in September 2018

Globetrotteur has been with my in Slovakia and Austria in September 2018

Routard traveled with me to the Czech Republic and part of Slovakia in September 2018

Here is Toutébon, my mascot during my trip to Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria in March 2019